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Hugo Hoppmann  is a designer and art director working between Berlin and New York City for clients including Nike, 032c, Prada and District Vision. He was invited to speak at Apple and Yale University and has recently published the first issue of PRESENT magazine, an exploration into work and life methodologies.  ×

Born 1988 in Cologne to a furniture conservator and an instrument builder and musician, he was exposed to arts, craft and entrepreneur­ship throughout his childhood.

A visit at the house of one of his hero's Adrian Frutiger consolidated his fasci­nation for Swiss graphic design and ultimately lead to his studies at the prestigious ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) where he graduated in 2011 with a diploma in Visual Communication.
Alongside his studies he interned at Bureau Borsche, worked for 032c magazine and founded his own publication Better Mjstakes.

After graduating Hugo spent a powerful year at Meiré und Meiré being involved with clients including Kenzo Paris, GQ Italia, and Interview Magazine.

In 2013 he returned to independency working for local and international clients as well as pursuing personal projects while teaching at various educational and cultural institutions.
In 2015 Hugo joined 2x4 in their New York City office to work on a wide range of projects for clients including Fondazione Prada, Miu Miu, Hyundai and Sies Marjan.

In the same year he had an exhibition of his work and was awarded as a 2015 Young Gun by the Art Director's Club in NYC.

In 2017 Hugo decided to focus on his own projects and studio again and works for clients throughout the world, while publishing his own magazine PRESENT which was released in 2019.
Selected Clients

Worshops and Lectures

Apple (NYC), Yale School of Art, OFFF Barcelona, Bauhaus University Weimar, FH Düsseldorf, FH Mainz, FH Münster, Typographische Gesellschaft München, and additional speaking and hosting events as an appointed Kickstarter Thought Leader 2019.

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Press and Exhibitions

032c, ADC Gallery New York, AIGA (Chicago), Arkitip/Intel, Drop Magazine (Australia), Dublab Radio (US), ELAC Gallery, FILE Magazine (London), Haw-Lin, It's Nice That, Library Paper, Milk Magazine (Hong Kong), Sandu Publications (China), The Shelf Journal (Paris), Tijuana Gallery (Sao Paulo), Unit Editions, WDR Radio

                 Impressum © Hugo Hoppmann (2005–2019)
Hugo Hoppmann  is a designer and art director working between Berlin and New York City for clients including Nike, 032c, Prada and District Vision. He was invited to speak at Apple and Yale University and has recently published the first issue of PRESENT magazine, an exploration into work and life methodologies.  more
NIKE AM 180  Concept and design development for a Berlin themed Nike Air Max. I was approached by Nike a shoe concept based on the question: What makes Berlin truly unique to you?
The Air Max 180 BLN is a celebration of Berlin’s unique nightlife and music culture — a constant reminder of the rhythm of progress. Its neon elements reference the reverberating rays of light synonymous with club life, and juxtapose those against a gray upper reminiscent of Berlin’s brutalist architecture. The transparent outsole reveals the word UNITY on the right foot and FREEDOM on the left, both indicative of the power of music to bring people together and a club scene that allows everyone to be themselves.

Lecture and workshop session for an amazing group of young creatives to talk about the concept, storytelling and realisation the AM 180 BLN for NIKE.

COLORS STUDIOS  Visual Identity for COLORS, a unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from all around the globe, focused on promoting the most distinctive new artists and original sounds. In the context of an increasingly fragmented and saturated scene COLORS seek to provide clarity and calm, offering a minimalistic stage to shine a spotlight on the artists and give them the opportunity to present their music without distraction. All COLORS, no genres. Special thanks to Sarah Discours, Steve Legrand, Philipp Starcke.
PRESENT  is a personal project that I initiated when I was living in New York City in 2016. It is the essence of different passion projects from the past years and an umbrella of my fascinations in life. The first print issue titled People On Process, was launched in summer 2019 and is sold in 13 countries on four continents.
To be present, we need the courage to make. Through making, we can discover and uncover ourselves, and realise our limitless potentials. Therefore, PRESENT's first issue is themed around that crucial first step. The moment when you begin doing what it takes to make what you believe in.

All PRESENT Apparel is screenprinted by hand in our atelier.


For more info and updates please head over to www.present.xxx or instagram.com/present.xx

SIES MARJAN  Visual identity with custom type logo and all printed matter for New York based fashion brand SIES MARJAN, lead by former Dries van Noten head of design Sander Lak. With and for 2×4, New York. Art Direction by Ryan Weafer, Photography by Bruce Weber. “Sander Lak’s Sies Marjan show was NYFW’s most buzzed-about debut” —The New York Times

Campaign by Bruce Weber starring Isabella Rossellini


Behind-the-scenes film, starting with Hugo's installation of the logo sign prototype in the atelier

DISTRICT VISION  Founded by Tom Daly and Max Vallot in New York City, District Vision researches and develops tools for runners, creating products that are equally function-first and performance enhancing. Visual identity, product design, printed matter, website. Hand drawn icon by Filip Pagowski.
ZERO FOUNDATION  Visual Identity, Books, Posters and Website for ZERO foundation. ZERO is an artist group founded in Düsseldorf by Heinz Mack, Otto Piene and Günther Uecker in the 1950's. ZERO stands for the international movement, with artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy. (Special thanks to Philipp Engel.)

ZERO was found in April 1958 by the artists Heinz Mack (left) and Otto Piene (center) and Günther Uecker (right)

WUNDERKIND  A new visual identity and art direction for the rebirth of Wunderkind from Berlin, originally founded by Wolfgang Joop, run by Peter Kappler and now designed by Louise Friedlaender. Photography by Larissa Hofmann, Styling by Marc Goehring, Model Lera Abova."From now on, the label will be an organic collective of wunderkinder that, in addition to its core design team, includes talents across creative fields such as music and art as well as fashion."  VOGUE
ANNENMAYKANTEREIT  Art Direction, visual identity with custom typeface for Annenmaykantereit including campaign design for the album (climbing to No.1 in the German charts) with 12 single covers, a deluxe box with custom backgammon design, two websites and billboards.

Sean Penn talking with Stephen Colbert about quoting Annenmaykantereit in his latest book

BILDERBUCH  is Austria’s hottest export since FALCO and one of the most successful german-speaking bands of the moment. Art Direction and design of the overall visual identity for the new MAGIC LIFE album, including all single covers, tour posters, merchandise, and website. (Special thanks Matthias Klein & Maurice Ernst.)

Drawings by Stefan Marx


Video and Photography by Elizaveta Porodina


A custom serif typeface was drawn and used throughout the project.

NIKE RUNNING  Reenactment of the logo of NEW YORK PIONEER CLUB, America's first multiracial athletics club founded in 1936 — a project by NIKE Running celebrating the legendary Ted Corbitt. Sweatshirt, postcards, box. Special thanks to District Projects.
LUEDERWALDT ARCHITEKTEN  Visual Identity and Website for internationally renowned architecture office Luederwaldt Architekten. (Special thanks to Philipp Engel.)
AROMA PITCH  is a young trio based in Berlin, producing techno and house music in extensive live sessions, released on their own A•P•R• label. Visual identity, records design, printed matter, website.
COLOGNE SESSIONS  is a party founded by Magnus, Mitch and Hugo in Cologne. Six years and still going strong! Art direction and design of the visual identity including the monthly posters.
VUCA  is a typeface started at ECAL in 2010 and redeveloped for London based fashion house FINERY in collaboration with the great folks of Assembly London. (More info)
PIQTO UNITED  Extensive visual identity for local football club PIQTO UNITED. One of the main concepts was visualizing the importance of the individuals’ position within the whole of the team with individual hand-made jerseys that build a collective form once the group is united in a specific way. (more info)
GRACE JONES TYPEFACE  is an experimental font family in the two styles Round and Square respectively titled Male and Female, based on the androgyny of legendary singer, actress, and personal hero Grace Jones. (Super Paper magazine spread by Bureau Borsche, more info)
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