Hugo Hoppmann
Welcome to the House of Hugo Hoppmann, independent designer and art director for print and digital.

Cultivating a holistic approach to graphic design, his work includes a variety of projects from identities and websites to books and magazines.

Born 1988 in Cologne to a furniture/​design conservator and musician, he was exposed to arts, craft and entrepreneur­ship throughout his childhood …   ➝ continue

Grace Jones Typeface

The Grace Jones is a headline typeface consiststing of two styles: round and square respectively titled Male and Female, based on the androgyny of Grace Jones. Widely used by different designers including Bureau Mirko Borsche where I helped designing the first issue of Super Paper with the typeface. Used by international designers, magazines and agencies such as DWELL (US), GLAMOUR (France), BURDA Verlag and named typeface of the month — “[…] As if the band Kraftwerk would have interpreted a neo-classical antiqua typeface”.


25 posters for 25 artists in 25 cities for the KUNSTSTIFTUNG NRW’s (Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia) special project on the occasion of its 25-years jubilee.

GQ Italia

I was hired by Mike Meiré to help redesign and shape the Gentlemen’s Quarterly — GQ Italia, published monthly by Condé Nast. Creative Direction Mike Meiré, editor-in-chief Carlo Antonelli, design Agnes Grueb, Hugo Hoppmann, Hannes Aechter. Official press statement below. 
(More background info on my blog.)


Creative direction for techno-trio Aroma Pitch including visual identity, record design and website for the first two releases on their Berlin based music label A•P•R•.


Various designs for the new visual identity of KENZO, with and for Meiré und Meiré. 2012


The V.U.C.A. typeface is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous – an ambitious experiment based on a reinterpretation of the classical geometric Futura ‘a’, initiated in my third semester at ECAL in early 2009. Working title: Accidents Grotesk.

Interview Magazine

Editorial design for the German edition of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine with and for Meiré und Meiré.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

C.I. development and editorial design for FOLIO and EQUITY supplements of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, for and with Meiré und Meiré.


I was approached by designer and architect Eric Degenhardt to develop a new catalogue for furniture manufacturer Böwer presenting the current range of products and celebrating the company's 125th anniversary.


Website for Jörg Koch’s 032C in collaboration with Johannes Breyer and Uli Schöberl (More background info here and here)


I had the honor to be invited to art direct and design the 9th issue of MOFF, a bi-annually published magazine featuring in-depth interviews with artists living and working in Cologne, founded and run by Stefanie Klingemann and Anne Schloen.

Piqto United

My diploma project was all about an extensive visual identity of my local football club PIQTO UNITED. One of the main concepts was to visualize the importance of the individuals' position within the whole of a team.


ANARCHIVE artist catalogue for Béla Pablo Janssen, published at Spontan Verlag.

Cologne Sessions

Art direction, design and dj residency for regular club nights and event series Cologne Sessions founded in 2011 together with Magnus von Welck of Aroma Pitch and Michael 'Mitch' Kastens. The overall visual direction is based on a radical purity in contrast to the cluttered presentations of the competition.

Brachum Kunstpreis

I created the visual identity, printed matter and a website for the Brachum Art Prize, which was initiated by the city of Rheda-Wiedenbrück. The logo is a stylizied, simplified version of the old city crest.


This is a test.

Emerging Sculptures

I teamed up once again with <a href="" target="blank" class="detaillink">Béla Pablo Janssen</a> to create a new book for Spontan Verlag. This time we were approached by photographer <a href="" target="blank" class="detaillink">Alexander Basile</a> to design the publication for his newest project titled Emerging Sculptures, an evolving series of photographs beginning with this first book consisting of the first 20 pieces.

Hugo Hoppmann